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"Before I start calling around to bike shops, I wondered if anyone knows someone who is an ""expert"" at installing a Polar Power Meter. I recently purchased the s720i, software and power meter. The person should also know how to program the watch and use it for training.


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bryan (not verified)

before you install the power meter, i would install the 720 and software, ride it and see if you want to keep it. the device has numerous problems with respect to interference, especially in central park and within the city limits. mine has trouble in jersey as well. the software interface is sometimes difficult to establish and the analytical software is average at best. the install directions in the book are straight forward. you do not need to be an expert to get it done or pay a bike shop to do it.

however, before you even go about installing it, ask yourself if this is a device you need and are going to find useful. if you need someone to program the watch for you and tell you how to train with it, i question whether you need it at all. there is deep functionality inside that watch and if you can't program it and learn how to retrieve it, you are not going to get the value out of that device. simple as that. under this scenario you have a $400 hrm that might work occasionally on your rides.

that said if you want to train by power there are better devices, albeit more expensive -- power tap, ergo, srm.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Try this site for the Australian Polar Forum
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JP (not verified)

D., I have a 710i (no power meter yet) and yes there are spikes sometimes that indicate a HR of 228 or a max speed of 68.5. Yeah sure, going over the Brooklyn Bridge.

These spikes are sporadic and seem to be near Ground Zero, some bridges, etc. There must be powerful emissions in those areas. On a typical ride, say from Brooklyn to Rockland Lake, I’ll have 2 (going and coming) spikes around the Brooklyn Bridge and sometimes 2 (going and coming) around State Line.

When you download a particular series of exercises from a 7 series unit, the data is presented as a graph (and many other graphs as you wish to tailor to your use). If you see a crazy spike(s), you simple hit Error Correction and Filter Data Automatically. The spikes are rounded to the readings before and after the spike. It takes 5 seconds. You can also do the error correction manually, which takes 15 seconds! All in all, it is NOT a major problem. Hey, leave the spike and tell people that you hit 68.5 descending State Line ;-)

I hear the Polar power/cadence set-up is finicky. So, do it your self, then ask around if you are unhappy.

Also, some tech reading for ya':

Good luck, J

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