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"Has anyone ridden in the Harlem Valley area before? I'm trying to decide between the 62-mile and the 75-mile rides. They're saying their 75-mile route goes through ""demanding terrain."" How hilly is the area compared with, say, the Bloomin' Metric? (I did the latter on my hybrid, which is kind of a tank--made it up the hills, but pretty slowly.)

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment."

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

I haven't ridden the new Bloomin Metric route, but I imagine the Harlem Valley ride is similar. I have a house in the area. Expect many rolling hills. I wouldn't expect long, tough hills on a mass ride. But 75 miles of rollers will be tiring.

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Liane (not verified)
75 mile ride

I heard the 75 mile route goes up Bash Bish (from the MA side and down the NY side). Not a bad climb, but the downhill could be dangerous - steep fast switchbacks

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mike (not verified)
Harlem valley

i rode up there on my recumbent rans, i remember the blooming metric having steeper hills. Harlem valley more rolling with nice views from the crest. it was really nice riding in that area. i rode parallel and intersecting the rail trail

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Steven Taylor (not verified)
Harlem Valley - From the Horse's Mouth

The 75 mile is 5,700 feet of total climbing. The 62 mile is 3,950 feet. Liane is right about 75 mile segment through Mt. Washington Forest. Nice long uphill with steep switchbacks on descent past Bashbish Falls. A thrill and very fun. Recommend keeping speed under 20 mph. Very similar to Arden Valley Road in Harriman coming down from Tiorati Circle - road surface, narrowness, etc. The 62/75 milers have 2 mile downhill to finish. Not many rollers on any routes. Must earn most climbing feet.

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