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Here's a new one (at least on me),

I'm thinking about buying a titanium frame and am also looking at components. The guy at my local bike shop advised against a titanium seat post from the frame builder because he said there is a possibility that a Ti post will fuse to a Ti frame due to the nature of the metal. I've never heard of such a thing. Has anybody else? I like the post primarily for aesthetic reasons since it matches the bike.

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lisa (not verified)

There is a special anti-sieze material for ti.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

"Google search ""titanium galling"" for the technical explanation.

Anti-sieze reduces the liklihood of galling but might not eliminate it entirely, so it's probably wise to pull a ti seatpost once a year to reapply as a precaution.


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Jeff (not verified)

"Thanks! The idea that my seat post might fuse with my frame is indeed ""galling.""



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Evan Marks (not verified)

Some frames have a carbon fiber insert in the seat tube to prevent that - Seven comes to mind, I'm sure there are others.

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Doug Kalb (not verified)
avoiding ti siezing

Anti-sieze will solve the problem. Traditionally, titanium frames are built up with anti-sieze, just as there are numerous specific greases for various other bicycle applications.
Any anti-sieze will work; Finish Line makes one or you can buy a much cheaper anti-sieze at a hardware store since it's used on other metals as well.
Regarding a ti seatpost in a ti frame, I just sold a 14 year old titanium bike with ti seatpost & it never cold siezed or bonded. The fact is, any seatpost in any frame should be removed & re-greased every 6 months or year. I met someone on 9-W who had bought an old steel bike that hadn't been serviced regularly; the seatpost, not ti, was welded to the frame & so was the bottom bracket. The mechanics told him that trying to fix it could risk breaking the frame.

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