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A BIG thank you to David Sabbarese who with his crew made the day. I noticed several times while we were enjoying the food, he was makeing sure everything was stocked. Thanks David

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Ed White (not verified)

Great job Dave!

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Christophe Jammet (not verified)

i would also like to thank everyone involved- i had a great time and it was a great first nycc ride for myself. extra thanks to ed and kristin, the b18 ride leaders!

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Hindy Schachter (not verified)
thanks to david

Yes, David deserves thanks for giving up a great cycling day to help make lunch pleasurable for those who ate what some say cannot be--a free lunch.

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Amelia Kennedy (not verified)
Kensico All Class Ride

Thanks to Dave for teriffic orchestration! The food and water was a beautiful sight!

Janet, thanks for being the BEST co-leader.
Scott, I loved your modified route. It was helpful to have an experienced leader with us.

Thanks to all the riders. My first experience as a leader of a club ride was safe and FUN!

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Ellen Jaffe (not verified)
ditto again

I'm ever amazed by the way members give back time and effort.
You put on a terrific thoughtful picnic, Dave.
Thanks for taking such good care of us.

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Rick Braun (not verified)

Yes, thanks to all: Dave of course for the whole event, Ed and Kristin for leading the B18, and Christy for the fun of switching to the A20+ for about the last 1/3 of the ride.

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Mari (not verified)

Thanks to David and his people for organizing this. I met riders I haven’t seen for a long time at the picnic. I love all class ride!
Thanks to Christy and Jody for the beautiful ride! And Thanks to Jack for looking after me once again. Thanks for return ride to Ed and Kristen (Nice to meet you-Kristen after all.) Mari

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lisa (not verified)

Thanks to Ellen and Jay. Great job leading your first ride...

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marion (not verified)
My first club ride!

"I did the C-12 and it was my first club ride.
Many thanks to the ride leaders--and you know who you are--for getting me back and forth from ""lunch"" in one piece and for an overall excellent experience!

And of course, it was nice meeting all my fellow riders.
Hope to see you and others soon at another ride!


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