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At the recent bike show at the armory a Chinese maker/importer was exhibiting: Aero-Titantech Inc. A Ti frame for $700 or so is a steal. He was a bit evasive about who he makes them for, implying that a major brand didn't want him to reveal that he was their manufacturer, and that he might get in trouble, yadda, yadda, yadda... How wrong could I go buying one of these? I could buy a frame and send it out to be built.
The business card says: Dr. Zheng Duan, Dir. of R & D Titanium Metallurgist, 301 West 107th St., NYC.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)

"Mark Hickey of Habanero Cycles in Florida sells Ti frames that are built in China to his specs. Frame price is $695. He is a regular participant in the bicycling newsgroups ( , rec.bicycles.misc , etc.) and has gotten very positive feedback from folks who have bought his bikes/frames. He is something of a right winger politically if that matters.

Personally, I don't see the great attraction for Ti, but that's me.



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Fixer (not verified)
Chinese Ti

"I have no doubt that China is capable of making decent Ti frames. They can sell them cheap, and a significant part of that is due to the relatively low wages paid.

Be aware, though, that the manufacture of titanium produces a lot of toxic by-products. In the west there are tight (read: costly) environmental regulations in place. In China, no such ""burdens to industry"" exist, they can just pipe it into the river.

When you buy a Chi-Ti frame, you've become a party to that."

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HARVEY MINSKY (not verified)

I have had an Airborne Bike for the last 4 seasons. Before I bought it, I spoke with a number of bike stores who told me a number of stories. Some said that the company was backed by the Russian Mafia.One store said they were using titanium from the Chernoble reactors. After 4 seasons I don't glow in the dark and I show no signs of nuclear contamination.
I met the Airborne people at a bike show and they measured me for a bike. I found them professional and very likeable. I waited 4 months before I had the nerve to buy the bike over the internet. They have a great site- You configure your bike as you would a computer. It will give you the cost and the weight of your configured bike (Shimano or Campy). You can also just buy parts. Three years ago an Airborne frame went for $650. Prices have gone up, but they are still very competitive.
I have put a great deal of miles on this bike. It is very comfortable ride. The frame is still in good shape.
I would check out


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Ira fogel (not verified)

I got my Airborne last year; while I don't think the frame is as inexpensive as the ones previously listed I can recommend the Airborne without hesitation - it's a great ride. I bought mine at Piermont Bicycle with full Ultegra at the same cost as online but fitting was done very competently by the bike store and I can always go back to them for service.

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HARVEY MINSKY (not verified)
Airborne dealers


I noticed on the Airborne website that Larry & Jeff are dealer now. When I bought my bike they did not have dealers. Since I bought my bike Airborne has bought out their partner (Huffy). I love my bike and think it is a great buy.


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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
7-Eleven time

"It appears from this recent NY Post article Huffy is its own company and for not much longer.

Are you sure Huffys are not rebadged Airbornes? Better check with Murray first. ;-)"

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HARVEY MINSKY (not verified)


Huffy gave Airborne the ability to survive in its early years. Airborne bought out Huffy 2 years ago. Huffy in all its wisdom had little faith in ecomerce. They had more faith in mass market goods. Mass marketing of any retail product is tough. Low prices and low mark-ups make it very hard to make a profit.


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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Huffy bought Airborne

Intrigued by your comments, I did a little googling and pulled up this article from the Airborne site:

It gives a quick history of the Huffy - Airborne relationship. In hindsight, Huffy was wise not to embrace ecommerce. Likewise the same could be said of founder buying back Airborne from Huffy.

Airborne is more focused selling through bike shops now to survive as ecommerce isn't enough to improve it's sales growth.

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