Ride on Friday

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"Is anyone riding tomorrow or interested in riding? I would like to do 40-50 miles, possibly a ""Richard Rosenthal"" ride. An A19/20 pace, leaving from the Boathouse between 9 and 10.


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Carol Wood (not verified)
Laps in park: Boathouse 9:45

Three or four laps at easy A17/18.

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frank (not verified)

steve: if you're still thinking about doing this ride, let me know. could use a ride before the weekend...would prefer to leave closer to 9 rather than 10.

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Steve W (not verified)
how about 9:30 at Boathouse? (nm)
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frank (not verified)

sounds good. interesting choice of time, neither closer to 9 or 10...

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Basil (not verified)
Can't start until 12.00 pm (noon)

I'd have joined you but can't start until 12.00 PM noon approx.
If that suits anyone, let me know - otherwise, I'll probably resort to a few loops also.
(917) 325-4194

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Mitchell A. Fink (not verified)
Would you tolerate a C-Sig finisher?

I planned on going 40-50 miles today in final prep for the American Cancer Society GWB Challenge 100Km ride on Sunday.

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eric (not verified)

i'm not sure who is leaving when yet, but noon is good for me... is the 9 or 10am ride going out?

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