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"Allow me to thank all the A-SIG participants for the 2004 A-SIG socks they gave to all A-SIG leaders and graduates at the graduation ceremonies last night. I put on a pair this morning and wow, you guys rock.


I just noticed the quotation marks around the word ""beautiful"". That's the spirit! Purrrfect! I recall that at one point during the SIG, Bruce Gordon, one of our participants, laughed at me when I described a ride as ""beautiful"". He told me he knew what ""beautiful"" meant! When we round that hairpin turn and face a 15 percent climb, ""beautiful"". Or Fred leads us over a gnarly gravel road, ""beautiful"". When the sun beats down, the humidity runs high and we have 30 miles more on that 100+ mile ride, ""beautiful"".

Thanks. Wear the socks with pride.


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Ed White (not verified)

Thanks from me as well to all the A-SIG participants...The donation to Recycle-A-Bicycle (is that the right one?) and the socks are a nice gesture and are well appreciated.

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Herb Dershowiyz (not verified)

Used my new socks on a ride to Nyack today. Made me ride faster on the way there.:-)
Thanks to all who contributed.
BTW, Ori's certificates are great.

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Terry Hildebrandt (not verified)
""" Hot Foot """

"I'd like to throw in my two cents also...having been a siglet last year, and being on the other side of the line, it was most! definitely the particpants that made it come together!
And now I have the right ""hot foot""!
peace in pedaling!"

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Peter Montgomery (not verified)
Is there a photo album of some of the rides?

Is there a photo album of some of the rides?
Seems like there must be some great photos. Where is the link, if so?

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Ed White (not verified)
A19 SIG Graduation Ride photos

"This link was posted on the message board a while ago. Here it is again

Click here"

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Jim (not verified)
great socks and photos too!

"I'm saving my socks for reunion rides only!
When is the reunion anyway?

a-19 sig pics !


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Ori (not verified)
My first cycling socks!

Man! It took a group effort from 29 A-19 SIG graduates to get me my first pairs of real cycling socks, but it finally happened. I have 4 pairs of shorts, a dozen jerseys, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 helmets and 5 bicycles (so that's where all the money is going). I now have my first real cycling socks. Really cool ones, too.

You guys are the best. See you on the road... or trail (look for my email).

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Anthony Donato (not verified)
Thank you A-SIG

It was great seeing you folks the other night at the SIG Graduation ceremony.
And thank you for the gifts.

Having been away from NY during most of the SIG season, I’m glad that I was able to participate as one of your guest leader this year for the A19 SIG.

This is the most talented group I’ve seen so far…and that’s the truth.
Joe Irizarry is right…You guys made it look easy and worry free.

Again, thank you so much for the gifts.


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banana guy (not verified)
BRAVO Siggies!

It is with great pride that I receive these socks, this token of your magnificent acheivement, both as individuals and as a group.

Thank you for allowing me to have had some small part in your growth.

Now let's go for a ride!

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