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The weather report calls for rain Saturday. I will reserve some hope of getting the ride in and get up early to make a final call. Will post here by 6:30 AM.

If we don't ride Saturday we will hope for better weather on Sunday!

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Timothy McCarthy (not verified)

It looks like light rain will hit the island in a few hours. Not great conditions for such a long ride. Will ride tomorrow if possible.

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David Regen (not verified)

I still hasn't rained...DOH!!!!

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JP (not verified)
Don'tcha just hate it ...

... when you blow off riding because of the weather forecast ... and it doesn't rain??!!??

Ah ... rain Sunday too!!

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Nathan (not verified)

Alright I'm glad it was canceled. I was sure the ride was on. Couldn't ride today so I will see you guys tomorrow.

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Ron Roth (not verified)
Cancellation due to rain???

Mea Culpa, as well as theya Culpa (they as in vitually all of the meteorological prognosticators). I was up at about 6:40am, looked at the bulletin board and saw Tim's posting, then looked at the radar imagery on If it had been my call, I'd have cancelled as well. There was a huge blob of rain which looked to be about 2 hours to the south of our area at the time heading to the northeast. In fact, there actually was rain on LI, likely an hour or 2 of it at least. Amazingly, the city seemed to have found a pocket of dry air in between the eastern and western parts of the moving front. I haven't seen a single drop on the upper west side thoughout the whole day! Hopefully the remaining mass will move by us before the morning.

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el jefe (not verified)
dry where I was

Not to make you feel worse, but I was out in Nassau (north shore) and eastern Queens all day. There was a few minutes of drizzle in the morning but not enough to get the roads wet. At about 1:00 it drizzled a little harder but the roads were dry again a few minutes later. That was it.
el jefe

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