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Hey all,
I just wanted to introduce myself since I just joined the club today. My name is Mark and I'm 26, I've been living in NYC about a year and just found out about the club. I'm originally from upstate NY (Rochester). I'm just getting into road biking, I was mainly a mountain bike guy. I'm wondering if someone can recommend which group to join up with for the ride on Sat. I was thinking the slowest B group. Up to now I have basically been just riding along the west side highway from Battery Park to Riverside Park and back down. I had no problem riding BikeNY at a medium pace on my mountain bike. Any help any of you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Also, I see that its going to rain on Sat., is the newcomers ride still on.

Hope to meet you all soon!!


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Robert Gray (not verified)
New Members Ride Saturday

We just decided that the new members ride for tomorrow is going to be rained out but you are welcome to come to the all class ride to Kensico next Sunday, the 13th.
It will be a larger affair featuring free food. We are going to reschedule the new members ride for July.
I would think that you are OK with the idea of a slow B ride. Hope to see you there!

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Christophe Jammet (not verified)
well i'm hooked...

you just said the two magic words that can lure any college student to show up somewhere:
free food.

seeya there!

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Gary McGraime (not verified)

Stay tuned to message board.

The weather is not looking good and the ride may be postponed to June 19th. Check back later.

If you do not have internet access at home, call Gary @ 212 877-4257 After 6:30 am Saturday morning.

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Gary McGraime (not verified)
Ride Postponed

Due to a wet and windy forecast, Saturday's Newcomers Ride has been postponed and will be rescheduled in July.

If you're as disappointed as we leaders, join us on next week's All Class Ride.

You'll have C, B and A rides of all levels to choose from - EVERYONE is WELCOME.

Hope to see you there!

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marion (not verified)

Gee this was going to be my first club ride but I will surely be at the All Class ride on 13th. Hope to meet lots of you there!

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Gary (not verified)
Newcomers Ride July 10th

The Newcomers Ride had been rescheduled for Saturday, July 10th. We hope to see you there!

Verify date in your July Bulletin.

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courtney (not verified)
xcled ride

My sister and I just joined and today was to be our maiden voyage! Oh well, sometimes you can't beat Mother Nature. Looking forward to our first ride. Any suggestions for a first timer? Weekdays fine too. Thanks, Courtney

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Wayne Wright (not verified)
Tips for club Newbies

Courtney - welcome to the club to you and your sis. Check this link on our website regarding what to expect and how to prep for an NYCC ride:

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Gary McGraime (not verified)
First club ride

Any suggestions for a first timer?

Once you've reviewed the info Wayne refers to, try a ride you think will best match your abilities and comfort zone.

I usually suggest being conservative and selecting a ride that may be a little less challenging than you may be capable's not fun struggling to keep up on a ride.

And let your ride leader know this is your first club ride so he / she are aware to keep an eye out for you during the ride or suggest a ride that may be more appropriate for you.

Feel free to contact me for specific rides available this coming week.

Have fun!

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