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My boyfriend and I will be in NY City June 25 -30 and want to take a ride across Brooklyn bridge on Saturday June 26. We are both regular cyclist in California. I have a NY bike map and plan to ride along Henry Hudson Parkway towards the Brooklyn Bridge and across. Our hotel is the Marriott near Times Square We'd like to know a good place to rent road bikes and if this is a good route to take.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"For rentals, try Toga (West End & 64th, has road bikes, IIRC) or Metro (47th & 9th) or Bicycle Habitat (Lafayette & Spring.) See if you can pick it up at closing on Saturday & return it 24 hours later and have it count as 1 day (the way car rentals work, you can get your ride started before the shops open on Sunday.) You may need to speak to several people at a store (and preferably, an owner,) as people who work at bike shops are often ""clueless."" The Hudson River Greenway is a great way to get started riding in Manhattan & the Brooklyn Bridge, while crowded, can be fun. If you feel like continuing from there, there are lots of great places to check out. A word on securing the bikes: If you absolutely, positively can't affort to lose them, do not leave them unwatched. I perceive that bike theft is not as rampant as it used to be (overall reduction in crime? glut of cheap bikes? better locks?) but it still happens."

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Evan Marks (not verified)
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JP (not verified)
Good advice.

Good advice above. Maybe post again when your are in town and you might be able to pick up a ride or at least get some info on where to go. Maybe even a guide.

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lisa (not verified)
Brooklyn Bridge

Take the Greenway all the way down town Manhattan to Chamber Street, left on Chamber until you cannot go further. There is a light. Stay to the right of traffic. At this light take right and get into left hand lane. You will see a fence on your left, look for one of the 2 entrances. Stay left on the Brigde. I live in Brooklyn and ride this way. There are a lot of people on the Bridge on the weekend. You will have to go slow. Enjoy.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"& carefully observe the traffic rules posted on the Manhattan side of the bridge (I believe there's something there called a ""bike box."") IIRC there's something tricky about the crosswalk and riders have been known to get ticketed."

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
visiting NYC

"Hello Barbara, I will be more than happy to spend a day w/ you and your boyfriend on Sat.June 26, and show you guys the ""sights"" you want to see in our city. Cycling is really the best way to enjoy the city. E-mail me privatly to make arrangments .........Ciao Tony M."

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