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Hello gang,

I went shopping the other day for a carbon fiber bike road bike, and the Giant Composite bikes looked like winners (I guess I could get used to the ugly graphics), except for one thing: rear tire clearance. It appeared to be about 2-3mm, tops.

What's the biggest tire anyone's put on one of these bikes? I usually ride with 700 x 23's, but I switch to 700 x 25's come winter time.

Another bike I'm considering is the Specialized Roubaix, their carbon bike. It appears to have tons of clearance.

Thanks for your help.

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Herb (not verified)

David, Liane rides with 23's. And it looks like there's plenty of room for 25's. How's the wrist?

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Heath (not verified)
It sure is tight

I just walked over to my bike to take another look. It really is tight. It looks like 5mm on my bike. (Measured with a tape measure not a micrometer.) I never realized it before, but there is an indentation in the seat tube where the tire would hit. I wonder if it was cut out for 25's.

I have not tried 25's, so I am also curious as to the answer.

I really like my Giant. I have not ridden the Roubaix. But did I mention that I like my Giant.

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Herb (not verified)
comfort performance

David, I just read a report on the Roubaix. It has relaxed geometry and Zertz dampers in the seatstays, fork and seatpost to reduce road vibration. It's one of a new area of bikes called comfort performance.

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David Regen (not verified)

"Thanks for the info--I always listen to the experience of people I know over what I read in some magazine. It sounds like 25mm tires would work on the Giant.

The salesman at Toga said I can test ride both the Roubaix and the Giant, so I plan to; just bring shorts, cleats and pedals. Then I'll know if there's anything to the ""comfort performance"" talk.

My hand is 100% healed (surgeon said so last week); thanks for asking. It feels fine, like it never happened. I hope to see you guys in a lot of group rides this summer.



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Mark (not verified)

The reason there is so little room is because the Giant has what's called a slope geometry which helps those with short legs and a long torso. So you have the reach of a larger bike but the height of a smaller frame. Because of the way the seat tube is sloped is what leads to the wheel being so close to the seat tube.


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