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As of this morning a Port Authority crew was repairing the up ramp on the NY side of the south walkway. They're gonna do the curb too and hope to be done completely by Sunday, if not sooner.

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Chris T (not verified)
The #%&$!^@ North Path on GWB -- only during weekday?

While taking the North side of the GWB today, I queried a security guard supervisor. He said that the south side would be open this weekend.

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So should contingency plans be made for the Newcomers ride on Saturday?

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Ivy (not verified)
It's fixed!

The curb cut on the south side of the GWB has really and truly at long last been fixed! Someone has already inscribed their initials in the wet concrete, and I too thought about immortalizing myself in the fresh pavement, but quickly thought better of it.

The bad news, as Ellen pointed out, is that the south side of the bridge is closed and there is no indication of why or when it will reopen. I spoke to a guard on the north side who had no idea. As per the usual, the north side is littered with glass.

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Gary (not verified)
Now open

Yippie! The south ramp was reopened this afternnon.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
And I found no urchin's handwriting in the wet cement. (nm)
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Hans Koch (not verified)
Curb cut repair: Thank You Holly Haff!

At the NY Bike Show in April, my wife Amelia Kennedy and I were discussing the condition of the Hudson River Greenway with Holly Haff, representing the NYC DOT at the show.

Amelia identified the curb cut at Cabrini leading to the GW ramp as a specific repair that would be appreciated by the many cyclists who used the bridge on a regular basis.

Ms. Haff's response was that this was the kind of repair that could be implemented quickly, which, she implied, was exceptional in the bureaucratic environment of the DOT.

It looks like she was true to her word. Hats off to Holly Haff and the NYC DOT!

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Glenn (not verified)
You're welcome

"Not only was the ""Cabrini curb"" fixed, but most of the rough areas on the entire walkway were patched and smoothed out. I met a few of the workmen on the Fort Lee side yesterday. I thanked them and mentioned that their work had been appreciated on the NYCC message board. They were very pleased to get the feedback, graciously acknowledged the appreciation, and asked me to pass it along. So there it is."

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
The curb cut was repaired 9 months after the DoT said it would b
cycling trips