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The club's Berkshires weekend was my first break in months. And I know I'm not the only one who enjoyed it start to finish.

HUGE THANKS to everyone, including the many organizers who

--Contacted Metro North to arrange for our large groups.

--Reserved the Days Inn in time to snag the desired weekend.

--Transported our bags so we could travel unencumbered (Thanks Gail!) and who offered their apartments as pick-up points at the end (thanks Janet, and there were two others).

--Offered to lead rides every day. There was an abundance of choice.(I owe personal thanks to Rick, Linda, and Fred).

--Scouted routes and prepared cue sheets. (Extra credit to Jeff Vogel for his beauteous Bash Bish route, with points taken off for the climb at mile 70.)

--Made restaurant reservations to accommodate the hordes.

--E-mailed all the information well in advance of the trip AND provided copious printed copies at the Days Inn (Reyna Franco and ????). Everything was so well organized that I was able to hook up with Sheffield rides from Great Barrington with no trouble at all.

--Did whatever I am overlooking!

Thanks also to Gary McGraime for keeping my spirits up on Saturday (and gallantly letting me pass him briefly on Bash Bish, even though he could have humiliated me if he wanted to); to Maggie Clarke for her pleasant company and shared room; and to the Days Inn residents for their good cheer, especially in the morning breakfast room.

Not knowing all that happened behind the scenes, I am unable to mention everyone involved. (Fred, you didn't do it all by yourself, did you?) But this fabulous weekend clearly didn't happen by accident. I hope contributors will receive mention in the Bulletin so I can thank them personally.

For the gourmets among you: I can recommend the following restaurants for future visits: Pearl's in Great Barrington (excellent service and atmosphere; well-prepared if standard fare), and John Andrews in Egremont (lovely setting, creative menu). I also chatted with a man who said his favorites were Aubergine (country French), Egremont Inn, and the Old Mill. Will have to try those next time.

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gerry (not verified)

kudos to fred steinberg. may he reign forever!

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fred steinberg (not verified)
Credit goes to many...

Carol, Gerry-
I have the most visible position as ride coordinator and have been getting undue credit for weekend's succcess.

Reyna Franco handled the mailbox queries, luggage shuttle arrangements and distribution of the information packet.

Liane Montessa handled the dinner: caterer, facility arrangements, bar setup etc.. credit must also go to Dona
Kahn for finding our the South Berkhsire Recreation Facility (SBRF) last year.

David Sabbarese managed our finances, the Active.com interface and kept gate crashers at bay.

The NYCC subsidized the rental of the SBRF.

Gail Williams provided the luggage shuttle for Days Inn and some Rt41 B&Bs and distributed the information packet there, making the weekend a reality for many.

As for the rides, the usual suspects from prior years always step forward:
Karen Reich, Gerry Wendrovsky, Tom Laskey, Ed White, Linda Wintner, Rick Braun, Maggie Clarke, Gary McGraime, Paul Hofherr, Debbie Dowell.
Plus NYCC president Stan Oldak leading a ride on his first Berkshire weekend.

Also thanks to Jeff Vogel for making a day trip up and co-leading his wonderful Bash Bish route with Tom.
And special mention should go to Christy Guzzetta for stepping in to provide leadership on that ride between the hammerheads and sweep (moi).

We'll do it again next year, without those headwinds.



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Rick Braun (not verified)

Yes, it was a great weekend! Thanks of course first to my premier co-leader, Linda, to and from the Berkshires, and beyond; in no further particular order, to Fred Steinberg for his supreme organizing skills; to Ed White and Tom Denham for co-leading together with me on Sunday's beautiful ride; to Carol Wood and Eden Weiss for pulling us up part way to the Berkshires; to Dona Kahn, Herb Dershowitz, and Liane Montesa for their hospitality; to Valli McRoberts for getting Linda's and my bags up and back; to Gary McGraime for letting us join his group (good to ride with you again Stan); to Gerry Wendrovsky for again inviting me on his ride (I enjoyed it in the past, so next year); and Christy Guzzetta for inviting us to go dancing when, unfortunately, sleep was calling. They and many others made this once again a fun time

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