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Morning rain may delay -- check the message board after 7:30am or call for latest updates.

Since the only rides in the eWeekly for Sunday are B18, and there are two of them, we're going to drop the pace a bit and open our ride to B16/17 riders as well. So join us for a leisurely spin to Mamaroneck -- full details in the online ride listings or your bulletin.

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Chris T. (not verified)
Delay is a good Idea

Marci, as of 1:15 this morning, Weather.com is predicting only 30% chance of rain through 9am, 10% at 10 am, and 0% at 11am.

How about a general delay to 10 or 10:30 am for the start of the ride at the Boathouse?

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steven (not verified)

Is the ride delayed or not?

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Marci (not verified)

Since there is no need for two B17 rides on the same cold, wet, day, we'll direct you to Michael's newly posted ride -- noon at the Boathouse. Maybe it will be a trip to Mamaroneck...

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