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The sports I listed in the subject are (no secret) those I enjoy and practice.

Many members of this club are former (or current) runners who bike (and possibly) cross country ski in the winter.

(I am still to meet scooter members of this club...)

Anyway, the very personal and subjective experience(but checked against years of practice and keen scientific interest in sports medicine)lead me to the following comparisons for moderate pacing (these are based on energy equavalents):

100 biking miles equal running 30 miles equals 25 miles on classic skis (or 30 mi on skate skis) equals 60 skooting miles.

If you are into time (hours) comparison one hour of moderate exercise in my book equals:

17 miles on the bike equals 6 miles running equals 5 miles on classic cross country skis (or 7 mi on skate skis), equals 10-12 scooting miles.

Boichemical and biomechanical factors are NOT considered in these numbers.

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Ed White (not verified)
No wonder I'm hungry

The site mentioned in the post below has a calculator for how many calories you burn in various activities. Suppose I'm on the bike for six hours at 16-19 mph--a good ride, but not uncommon (especially in the SIG). The results from the web page:

Bicycling - 16-19 mph (very vigorous)
5,029 calories in 6 hr

This activity list is equivalent to:
2.4 deep fried onions with sauce or
5.6 homestyle cheeseburgers or
70 apples about if I eat 1 deep fried onions with sauce, 2 hamburgers, and 20 apples...that ought to do it!

Too bad they didn't mention how many bananas you'd have to eat...I doubt the Banana Guy has enough pockets!

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rich stokes (not verified)
calories burned
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havenolife (not verified)

that's the most entertaining site i've seen in a while. I just burned about 64 calories on it

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don montalvo (not verified)
one hour billiards = 180 calories

that's more chips and dip. :(

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alex (not verified)
1st world scooter champ

Sorry for reporting so late.. but I was really busy in Italy biking and just got back from touring Alps on my Scooter.

First a few words about World Championship in Czech
republic. It was fantastic. Europe¨s best kickers were
here. I met in person the legends of this sport. Watching them kick and learning was the
main reason I was here. And I learned a bit.

The WC itself was.... a big party. I know of no sport
were world class athletes get together for chat, huge
quantities of beer and dancing BEFORE AND AFTER the
race. Comradery is the only word that can describe the
relationship between the international community of
kickers. America, listen! We must learn something

The race for me was what I expected. I did not finish
last but I was not far from...Now after kicking Alps
I am sure my improved kicking technique and
form would add easily one mph to my average speed in
ALL events and probably would put me in the middle of
the pack at 30K. But this is a (reasonable)speculation.

I had a funny moment during the Criterion (12k mass start)when I lost my rear wheel (due to imperfect modification to my lowering kit). I continued kicking without a rear wheel until a spectator found it. Lost about 4 min.

See article in some pictures in (scroll down)


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JP (not verified)
Go Bekk Go

OK, Alex. Kicked some butt in the Alps. Congrats to you.

In my ignorance, some questions:

Kicking - do you switch sides so that each leg gets time kicking? Breaking?? Ascent - what is the max grade that can be kicked? I know there must be some limit - is it similar to cycling? Descent - can you tuck and roll down hill?

I am just curious - add whatever you think necessary.

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