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ahh..summer is finally here.

well my friends and i want to do a bike tour to philly. now we know we can't just ride down the nj turnpike, so how does one get from manhattan to the city of brotherly love?

are there all inclusive maps that outline the route?

any help here would be great. feel free to email me at [email protected].


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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

There was a Newark to Philly ride in the old ride library. Perhaps someone can link you there.

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JP (not verified)

I don't see the ride min the library now, but I remember it had many, many turns. You know, go .3 miles, left, .1 miles, R, QL, .1 miles, X RR tracks, .3 miles, R, etc. Not much room for just riding without your nose on the cue sheet, not much room for just pedaling without stopping and turning.

Check NJ clubs.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
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Bill (not verified)
Thanks Everyone!!!

i got it.

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