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"Just saw this at another forum:

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hi guys,

a friend of mine got his streetmachine gt stolen he just left it out of sight for a few minutes downtown nyc. the sad part is, that all his stuff ( 4 month trip through northamerica) was on the bike, incl. all the film rolls!!!!

please let me know if anyone offers you a orange ""well"" used streetmachine in and around ny (maybe with the original rack, ortliebs and so on)




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Joao (not verified)

"Some information regarding his trip, along with pictures of the stolen bike are at"

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

Bummer, one hell of a welcome to our fair city.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Hello, this is New York City....

Did you ever hear of a New York Minute? Everything happens much faster here. There is no such animal as leaving your bike unattended here for a second. These streets are crawling with opportunists whole sole line of work entails making your things his. I would be surprised if the bike can be fenced. It is not the sort of bicycle that is used in the pizza trade.

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don montalvo (not verified)

"i used to have a fisher hk2 (before the company was forced to rename their bikes ""gary fisher"") mountain bike that i used for offroad riding and commuting (slicks for the street and knobbies for the trails).

one sunny day i decided to ride to work. i parked it in front of my work place, in plain view on park avenue, locked it down with one u-lock and one square linked chain. that was at 9am. when i went out for lunch at noon, all that was left was a cut u-lock and two parts of a single link (the f**kers stole the chain too!).

this is new york. if you snooze, you lose. i'm sure some messenger is riding around on my fisher. probably has it all taped up and spray painted.


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Fixer (not verified)

Although I'm sure there are some messengers out there on stolen rigs, they are not the market for stolen bikes. Thanks to e-mail and faxes, there are so few bike messengers left that you'd quickly go broke trying to supply them.

No, it's the take-out restaurants that are creating the demand for cheap (ie: stolen) bikes. Have a look at what's chained up outside the restaurants: lots of $300-500 mountain bikes.

So... that's what you don't want to be commuting on, and leaving on the street. I've been bike commuting for nearly 20 years, park on the street, use a cheapo hardware store lock and chain, and have never had a bike stolen. Why? When was the last time you saw a pizza being delivered on a drop bar 10 speed?

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ludwig (not verified)
lost and found?

hello you all,
i am the one whose streetmachine got stolen a couple days ago in nyc... i am back in germany now, did not get my bike back.
well, at least i am trying now to get some of the other stuff back, maybe my films... is there any lost&found agency or whatever you call that in english, where parts of my luggage might have shown up? any other possibility, to find out more about my stuff?
thanks a lot,

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Try the press

"Try to get one of the local tabloid newspapers (, to run a story about you. Maybe also Send a press release to the editor. [Anyone out there have contacts as these papers?]

""Trusting, intrepid German tourist cycles entire United States, despite hardship, international animosity, on cultural/peace mission; near end of tour, bike stolen by hard-hearted New York crook; doesn't want revenge, just wants his film back so he can tell his countrymen about the essential goodness of Americans.""

I wouldn't hold much hope for seeing that film, sadly-- but anything can happen. And getting your picture in the Post is better than nothing.

Sorry this happened to you.


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Lynn (not verified)
So sorry about your bike! You stayed at my house.


Is that you? So sorry to hear about your bike! I hope your memories of NY aren't ALL bad, and my hospitality was a small mitigating factor in your memories of New York!?! What a bummer. I will certainly keep my eyes open. Typically stolen bikes show up at flea markets around NY. I will keep an eagle eye out.

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