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I notice that the deepest Westchester ride leaders have thoughtfully scheduled some rehydration after their ride returns in the park or at a bar as cooler availability dictates. Perhaps the Rockland Lake group should plan to meet them.... can B16s and A18s drink together??

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Marci (not verified)
Saturday Happy Hour

Didn't notice any Rockland Lake ride in the online listings, but it would be great for everyone to meet up for yoga and rehydration. Guess we would need to coordinate a meeting time and place...

As we've seen many times before, B16s and A18s (and any other cyclists for that matter) can drink together quite amiably -- in fact there will probably be many of both on this ride as it is pretty much turning into an A/B 17/18/19 we'll just see who shows up and go from there type of thing!

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Michael (not verified)

Everyone could drink together

But the A's will probably be sitting in a straight line, drinking synchronously (albeit from small cups)... the B's scattered around the table just slogging the beers... any C's turn up they'll fall off the stools and pour beer on themselves

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heidi sadowsky (not verified)
Beer run

Hmmmm....since the westchester ride is a century and the rockland ride is 65 miles, it seems reasonable that the B16ers will make it back to the park first with plenty of time to get a case of beer and a cooler. The westchester group will definitely pay their share plus some extra for the great service.

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Michael (not verified)
A Fairly Sensible Plan

We should consider Riverside too... and the Boat Basin Cafe for a bar choice if it is a bar rather than a cooler.
I live close enough to stow my bike and shower before heading to the park with the refreshments (though if I'm the only one who doesn't stink I'll notice everyone else...)

We can use cell phones to coordinate timing

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Carol (not verified)
Remember the Paper Bags

Used to be you could get away with beer in the Park, but they've been cracking down on that for the past year. So bring enough small paper bags to hide the bottles...just in case.

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