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i am a journalist doing a story for a german magazine on touring new york by bicycle. i am looking for volunteers for photo shoots. anyone interested? sorry - there is no money in it, just glory.


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T (not verified)

what are the details?

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Christophe Jammet (not verified)

sure! details?

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
Is this someone you really want to help?


Some years ago you repeatedly sought, and repeatedly received, help from the club in doing your job, for which you were paid. Then, as now, you couldn't bring yourself to offer to reimburse those who helped you for their expenses, much less their time and work which proved valuable to you in that job--even though you were paid for the work they did.

Now you again seek the help of a club member without offering even so much as a mere token payment even though you are once again profiting from help given you by a club member.

Don't you think, as a matter of principle you might bestir yourself to at least offer to reimburse your model for expenses, e.g. transportation, if not more, considering you are profiting from his or her help?

Absent that, perhaps you can take the barest fraction of what you will have now been paid twice and join us as a member as you describe yourself as a cyclist living in New York. That might remove a bit of the impression you're out to exploit and use us.

Richard--not for hire as a model for any amount.

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