magnificent nyack-haverstraw trail will reopen soon

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"It has been closed since 1999 due to Hurricane Floyd damage. Repairs costing $90,000 (seems low) should be competed this summer. The 5 mile trail is for bikes with ""wide tires"" but I have cycled it many times on my road bike, even on the tandem once or twice without any problem. The trail passes Rockland Lake on the Hudson side, ends just South of the Hav. quarry and has several historic sites."

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John (not verified)
Lead a ride?

Sounds great! Since you are familar with the trail, how about leading a weekend ride once it's opened? Thanks in advance.

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Janet Klutch (not verified)
"""Upper"" Nyack Beach State Park Trail"

Are you including the trail section starting from Nyack Beach Park thru to Rockland Lake?
I have also biked this trail thru to Haverstraw. It was quite a while ago and before the Hurricane. As I recall, it was never in very good condition. I also did it on a road bike. I do not remember the historic sites.
Thanks for the info.

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hannah (not verified)
that's great news!

I like that trail (and don't miss the hills it cuts out)! I've ridden it since '99--didn't realize it was officially closed, or that it would be repaired.

Thanks for the update,

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Rockland Bicycling Club David (not verified)
The closed trail

Keep in mind there are a few trails there, so there's often some confusion. There is a gravel/cinder path from the parking lot at the park's parking lot (south of the trail) which then proceeds to an uphill portion.

At the top of that is a fork. The left (west) path goes to Rockland Lake, the right (east) path goes to Havestraw's Short Clove Road near the Tilcon plant.

Before Floyd, only the right (east) section was open to bikes. It was a paved/cinder trail. The left (west) path to Rockland Lake was officially closed to cyclists, though it was short enough that people rode it all the time.

Currently there is a chain across the east section, and a sign saying the path to Havestraw is closed. (This same sign is found at the entrance to the park on the toll booth.)

The trail is mostly closed because of a section of washout about 3/4 way to Havestraw where there's a 30-50 foot drop to the river. People still ride it, but if you were to fall off it, you'd likely be there for days unless a stray jogger or cyclist heard you calling for help.

When the Rockland Bicycling Club last spoke to the park, we got a much higher # for the amount to fix the section, and were told the money was not allocated. We'll look into that.

The RBC would be happy to play tourguide to any NYCC group that would like to come up and explore the trail, or the area. Drop me an email at [email protected].

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