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"We are now taking names for the waiting list for the West Point event. Due to some remodeling going on at the hotel where we are staying, we have fewer rooms available to us this year than normally. Usually up to 100 people attend the West Point event, but regrettably we are limited to 70 this year, and registration has filled up fast. Some additional spots may open up if (i) someone registered for this event cancels, or (ii) if other guests at the hotel cancel and the hotel gives us the room(s).

Even though we have a waiting list, I still have openings for a few “special” people. If you would like to know how to ingratiate yourself with the event coordinator (me), and become “special”, here’s what to do—VOLUNTEER!

1. I still need volunteers to lead C rides, especially on Saturday July 3rd for the ride to West Point, and on Monday July 5th for the ride from West Point back to NYC. If you are a capable ride leader (I’ll let the NYCC Ride Coordinators be the final judge of that) and agree to lead one of these rides, you’ll get one of the openings.
2. I could use additional help with the luggage shuttle. I need a volunteer with an SUV, van or other large vehicle to drive luggage from Central Park to the Thayer Hotel on Saturday morning July 3rd and from the hotel to a designated drop point in NYC on Monday July 5th. Volunteering for this will get you a spot.
3. As for A and B ride leaders, I appear to have a sufficient number of volunteers already, but since the West Point rides tend to have a large number of participants, the more co-leaders the better. Volunteering to lead a ride, particularly a B ride, will improve your chances of getting any openings.

I’m unhappy about the limited capacity this year, but the hotel situation is beyond our control. I have looked into alternatives for additional space, but the logistics and cost just make it impractical.

To put your name on the waiting list, go to active.com, click “Register Now”, and then follow the directions for the waiting list. If you register for the waiting list, you do not have to pay anything unless and until a spot opens up, and you are not committed to take a spot if one becomes available for you. I ask, as a courtesy, please don’t put yourself on the waiting list unless you are serious about going, because otherwise if a spot opens I could waste a lot of time contacting people on the waiting list that don’t really want to go.

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Ed White (not verified)

I've had a good response to my last posting, and I now have enough ride leaders at all levels for the West Point weekend. The only thing that would help get you a spot now is if you have a large vehicle (e.g. SUV, van, truck, etc.) that can carry lots of luggage, and you volunteer for the luggage shuttle. The luggage shuttle carries the bike riders' luggage between NYC and West Point on the Saturday and Monday. If you'd like to volunteer for this, contact me ASAP.

I currently have thirteen people on the waiting list. We may have room for some of those on the waiting list if (i) we have cancellations from our group, or (ii) if other people with reservations at the hotel cancel (in other words, we are not the only people staying at the hotel, and if some of those others cancel, that may free up additional rooms for us).

At this point, notwithstanding my earlier comments about putting yourself on the waiting list, if you really wish you could go but think it is unlikely you'll get a spot, it would be helpful to me if you put yourself on the waiting list anyway. I would like to know how many people would have gone this year if we had the capacity so we can make try to reserve sufficient space for next year.

Thanks for all of your interest--I really wish we could accomodate more people this year.

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Diane (not verified)
Thayer Hotel - volunteer

Hey Ed,
My partner and I have a large vehicle and would consider volunteering to shuttle some luggage to the Thayer Hotel, provided we had a room.

Let us know!
Diane and Al
Edgewater NJ
(201) 840-7044

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Bob Cowin (not verified)
NYCC’s July 4th Weekend at West Point

"I have a station wagon that can take some luggage, though not as much as you'd probably like. Let me know if this qualifies me for ""ingratiatiation""."

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Kim Savage (not verified)
Female looking for Female to share room @ West Point Motel

Female looking for Female to share room @ West Point Motel - I would like to attend the July weekend. Currently looking for another female to share room. Interested, please e-mail back.


Kim - 917-592-9209

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