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Anyone planning to do this with me on Friday?

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Cheryl S. (not verified)

I am seriously considering riding up but I still have a few details to work out.

I tried emailing you at this address but it was rejected. Can you give me an email or tel. # so we can talk off-line.


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Ron Kahn (not verified)
Emaill address

The address is [email protected]

I don't know why it shows as [email protected] here-that's not what I used. Also, the information in the weekly notice is wrong. So far you would be the only rider besides me.

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Ron Kahn (not verified)
I am Unable to lead this ride

I will be unable to lead this ride as I had to cancel for the weekend.

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Herb (not verified)

Ron, hope everythink is OK. Will miss you and Judy this weekend.

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fred steinberg (not verified)
North White Plain - Berkshires alternative

An alternative for those of you who were considering Ron's cancelled ride is the Brewster to Berkshires ride, 65+ miles. There are several route options and a group is planning to do a 20+ pace.
We will take the 8:50 train from GCT.
To confirm participation or for questions 212 787-5204 or reply to the email above.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Cue sheet NWP to Sheffield on Ride Library

If anyone wants to do it solo or lead a group, the cue sheet is in the Ride Library in the Upstate group. It is a fine ride but might wear you out for other rides during the weekend as it is long.

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