Bush falls while mtn biking, suffers cuts & bruises

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don montalvo (not verified)
the guy has guts, that's for sure...


Mr. Bush, who was wearing a helmet and mouth guard, declined the Secret Service agent's offer to drive him back to the house and went on to finish his ride, Mr. Duffy said

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JP (not verified)

Who has guts? Jay for posting??? ;-)

Seriously, a mouth guard and a doctor! It sounds like a failed photo op to me. And I am neither left or right wing. I wonder what his blood alc level was ;-)

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don montalvo (not verified)

i think the mouth guard was to keep his foot out if the press showed up.


jp wrote:
> Seriously, a mouth guard and a doctor!

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John Herman (not verified)
Pres. Bush's Fall

I read that he was trying to chew gum and ride at the same time. His doctor, present at the time, confirmed that he suffered mental fatigue and lost control. Later that day there was a closed door White House meeting to determine if Vice-President Cheney would be able to fill in for the President in the event of future bike rides.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

Hmmm, both major pres. candidates bike! Is this a great country, or what?

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M Moore (not verified)
Is it John Kerry's bike

Does John Kerry own a bike or is it a family bike? I guess it depends who's asking.

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D. Etoain Shrdlu (not verified)
Since you bring the matter up....

"Here's the official story line from Crawford, forwarded to me by a friend:

President Bush took a spill during a Saturday afternoon bike ride on his ranch, suffering bruises and cuts that were visible later on his face just two days before he was to deliver a major prime-time speech on his Iraq policy.

The president was nearing the end of a 17-mile ride on his mountain bike, accompanied by a Secret Service agent, a military aide and his personal physician, Richard Tubb, who treated him at the scene, said White House spokesman Trent Duffy.

""It's been raining a lot and the topsoil is loose,"" Duffy said. ""You know this president. He likes to go all-out. Suffice it to say he wasn't whistling show tunes.""

So it's been raining a lot in Crawford, we are told. So here's the recent precipitation levels from Crawford: May 22: 0"" May 21: 0"" May 20: 0"" May 19: 0"" May 18: 0"" May 17: 0""May 16: 0"" May 15: 0"" May 14: 0.03"" May 13: 2.79"" May 12: 0"" May 11: 0.15"" May 10: 0"" May 9: 0"" May 13th saw some serious rain, but other than some sprinkles on the 14th, Crawford saw nothing but sun.

In the last week alone, the temperature was in the high 80s the entire time. So rain on the 13th and (barely) 14th was blamed for a Bush fall on the 22nd. As everything else, it wasn't Bush's fault. Nothing is Bush's fault. Ever.

Ancient Montenegrin saying: A president who falls off a bicycle is like a fish who falls off a horse.

I don't know what it means, either.

Your Pal,

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