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I got the opportunity to test out my helmet the other day. I am happy to say that it worked extremely well.

Does anyone have ay suggestions to reduce the scarring from road rash?

How long does it usually take to heal?

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DC (not verified)

Well, it depends how bad it is. My only experience with road rash comes from getting hit from behind going about 40 down a mountain descent. Needless to say, it was ugly! Ah, the oozing, the swelling, picking gravel out of deep sores -- you get the picture (or I can send you some :) )

Anyway, what saved me was Duoderm/Tegaderm. My wounds were so large I had to go with Duoderm. Properly glued, you only have to change it every couple of days. Instead of scabs, etc, new pink skin emerges -- it's really unbelievable. I was able to just throw on some gauze (for sun protection so you don't have two-toned skin) and get out on a long hard ride within two weeks. I can't say enough about this stuff. Good luck with your recovery!



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Heath (not verified)
Slight Clarification

I was very lucky, suffering very little injury. Some bruises, but in really good shape except for some Road Rash on my one hand (which was gloved, so I am not exactly sure how it happened) and my elbow. I actually went out and road today. The getting right back on the horse theory.

Just curious if there were any tricks.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
The trick - keep it clean, moist, and covered.

Exactly what DC suggested above.

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Carol (not verified)
Moist Wound Management

The best way to prevent scarring is moist wound management. Clean the wound thoroughly, apply an antibiotic ointment (lightly), cover with non-stick gauze pad, then hold the pad in place with stretch-net burn gauze (that's the gauze tube you see on the elbows & knees of Tour de France riders after they go down). This method really works...unfortunately, I've had a couple of opportunities to test it, and I can confirm no scars. The Brave Soldier Crash Pak (available at your local bike shop or Performance catalog) contains everything you need.

The wound shouldn't scab and after a few days you get new pink skin. The bandage should be changed once a day. Happy healing.

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Heath (not verified)

Any idea if this can be done once the scab has already formed, or is it too late?

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Carol (not verified)
Too Late

Well, maybe not totally. You'll have to soften the scabs by keeping them moist. Whatever you do, DO NOT PICK THE SCABS OFF - you will have scars for sure. Keep them moist, soften them up, let them fall off on their own.

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jeff (not verified)

"I would also like to recommend tegaderm. This stuff is amazing, and will work even if the scab has formed. You may have to go the 'Surgical Dept.' to find it. In fact I recommend that everyone buy some in advance, 'just in case.' I had a 4"" x 4"" bit of road rash completely healed in 10 days. I mean completely. The wound area was just slightly pink but you'd never know i'd been rinsing tiny rocks out of it just over a week before."

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George Arcarola (not verified)

Glad to hear your helmet worked well. There are alot of over the counter applications to prevent/reduce scarring. According to my wife, get one that has vitamin E in it.

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