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Hello, Anybody know of a Physiatrist in Manhattan who deal with competitve cyclists and runners? Would like to speak w/one, who preferably takes blue cross/blue shield, regarding knee/hip alignment issues. Thanks

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Russ Berman (not verified)

Dr. Loren Fishman 212 472-5688; he's tough to get to see which is probably because he's very smart, empathetic and holistic-leads yoga for some of his patients.

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MP (not verified)
Hospital for Special Surgery

Not sure about a physiatrist, but I am being treated by a PT at the HSS Sports Medicine Dept. on E. 71st St. 212-606-1005. His name is Matt Rivera and he's treating me for hip/knee alignment to solve my tendonosis. My PT is a serious cyclist and the doctors who work upstairs are serious cyclists, too. I got the Rx for PT from Dr. Frank Cordasco (Colnago).

I'm on Blue Cross.

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