Sat. 57 mi A ride (River Road) needs a leader. I won't be there.

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  • Sat. 57 mi A ride (River Road) needs a leader. I won't be there.
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I'm suddenly called out of town. You who show up for the River Road-Sneden's Landing-Bradley-Tweed-Rockleigh ride please find a leader among yourselves. Without me, it's up to one of you to be last up the climbs.


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Brennan (not verified)

Do you have a map of the ride that you can email to people? Thanks

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david (not verified)

I have done the ride before and intend to be there.

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John Miller (not verified)

Thanks for leading. I have been looking forward to the ride and was initially disappointed when richard said he couldn't make it

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DC (not verified)
Bummer ...

well, Richard, I'll see you next time.



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richard rosenthal (not verified)
Being one who doesn't want you to have fun if I can't...

I must tell you how I appreciated, and even, ahem, was humbled, to read of disappointment that I wouldn't be there to lead...or is it just that you really do need me to arrive after you at the top of the hills?

Where I am, it rained massively...and lacking in generosity, charity, and goodwill for my fellow man, since I couldn't ride, I hope it rained like hell and you couldn't either. Ditto, Sunday.

I'll be out of town next weekend but will resume my desperate attempts to beat someone--anyone--up any hill (which I define as coming out of potholes, going up over curbs, or even attacking driveways) the first Sat. in June.

For those wishing the route map, it is online in the club's ride library.


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