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Can someone email me the NYCC Logo. I attempted to use the one from the website but I need a higher resolution.

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don montalvo (not verified)

"if you have illustrator and acrobat pro installed, open the nycc pdf in acrobat pro. using the ""advanced editing > touchup object"" tool, shift-select each part of the logo, then right click the group of selected objects and choose ""edit objects..."" from the contextual menu. illustrator should launch with the selected vector objects in a new TEMP document (you have to do a ""save as"" otherwise when you edit the logo it'll update itself in the pdf).***

ps, make sure you get clearance from the nycc board of directors before using the logo.

***now you know why i enabled certain password security options on the pdf bulletins i created.


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Carol (not verified)

What are you using it for and do you have permission from the Board?

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)

Being a former editor of the bulletin, I have a vector version of the NYCC logo. You should contact the board first for permission and have them send an email authorizing release. I'm sure Ludwig Vogel, current editor, can also provide you with that. Make sure you get permission thought.

Also, which version do you need?

diane goodwin

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