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"I'm shopping for a computer with a cadence function; know of any good ones? I'd really love it if it had a heart rate monitor too, but they ones I've seen that ""have it all"" have hard-to-read displays.


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Evan Marks (not verified)
Ciclosport CM434

"* Altimeter functions:
current alt., daily alt. increase, daily alt. decrease, total alt. increase, total alt. decrease, max alt. reached, home alt., descent speed.

* Bike Computer functions:
clock, current speed, avg. speed, max speed, daily milage, total milage, daily riding time, total riding time, auto start/stop, current ascent/descent (% grade), Avg. % grade, max % grade.

* Power meter functions:
current watts, avg. watts, max watts

I like the virtual power metering (a compromise, to be sure, but one that works for me in place of a heartrate monitor with that gawdawful chest strap) and the ability to scroll thru the functions in either direction.

CM436M, the next model up, is downloadable if that matters to you. Both of these are wireless but require a wired cadence kit. Both are currently on sale at, the cadence kit is $20 at performance.

Hmm, they didn't mention it has a thermometer too - its accuracy is questionable (last week it read 105 degrees in the sun!) but it will confirm that you're freezing (or frying).


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RobertoC (not verified)
Polar S series

I have an S720i and I think it is great. I don't find the display difficult to read at all. All functions are wireless (cadence and speed), though if you buy the power meter kit, it is actually hard-wired.

Added benefit: I recently had a problem with the HRM and sent it in to Polar. They returned it fully repaired in less than a week and only charged me $2.95 (to cover shipping) even though the unit was out of warranty. Pretty good, by my book.

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tony (not verified)
Sigma BC 1600

Sigma BC 1600 great device easy to install , view and use , plus a great
price . It doesn’t have a heart rate monitor function but , it has all other the basic features needed

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Peter Storey (not verified)
Also a fan of BC1600

"This one has some features that are particularly good for any kind of touring, randonneuring or route finding. I'm thinking particularly of the ""Moser"" (??) function that operates as a second tripmeter that you can preset to any value you like (nice if you rejoin the cue sheet at, say, mile 47.6) or want to measure a specific segment without doing a total reset. You can also make it count down if you like. Dual wheel sizes simplify switching from 23s to 25s or larger.

That said, it has no HRM functions, and the stopwatch is a bit hard to get to. If you need to toggle between stopwatch and cadence, it's probably not your best choice.

Peter Storey"

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steve_r (not verified)
Vetta V100HR


Check out the Vetta V100HR. It is wireless, and has all the typical bike computer functions, including heart rate data. Also available, as an option, is a wireless cadence function, as well. I installed the Vetta on two of my bikes and I am pleased with the unit.

These are available mail order, and come both in wired and wireless version, so make sure you order the version desired.


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