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Hi, I am new to this area could someone please let me know which way is the fastest bicycle friendly from NYC to the Hamptons. Is Northern Blvd. ok or better the Sunrise? or other suggestions?


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Basil (not verified)
Montauk Century route

"This ride took place last Sunday and is marked with ""Mn"" in pink on roads.
I'm guessing it's not the fastest but should be prettier??? (I only did it from Babylon to Montauk so can't comment from NYC).
See: Montauk Century

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Harvey Minsky (not verified)


Merrick Road and then Montalk Highway is probably the most direct route. It is also the flattest with the least traffic. However, you should realize there is always traffic on Long Island. This route will take you past one strip mall after another. Hang in there, because it will get scenic further out.


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Rafael (not verified)

Thank you Harvey I will try it out.


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