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It would be nice to have a group of B's there (if we have good weather). If the group decides to cross the GW bridge, I could provide navigation thru Rio Vista, Bradley, Crusher, etc.

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Jay (not verified)
Only if early Sat AM forecast is good (less than 30% rain) (nm)
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heath (not verified)
C-Sig group #4

There may be a group of us looking for a B15/16 at 10am at the boat house. We are not sure if we are going to do the bloom ride on Sunday or ride on Saturday or both.

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Michael (not verified)
I will be there at 10AM to lead a Rockland Bergen Ride

Just coming off an injury I'll be taking it easy (16-ish pace) for about 60 miles... Feel free to join and vote on a destination (I retain veto if I don't know the route)

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XL (not verified)
B ride

Hi, I know this post is kind of late, but does anyone know for sure that they want to do a B level ride? If so can he/she send me an email or post an reply to the thread with the direction of the starting point, preferably an address that can be use to do a mapquest on? Please include the time as well.


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Jay (not verified)
AOL: 50% chance of rain today--that eliminates me

rain icons for next 7 days--ugh

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