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I heard about a source of biking maps, I think the name was AdventureCyle.com or CycleAdventure.com or something similar. Does anyone know the URL for this company? Thanks.

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
here's the link
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Carol (not verified)

If you're looking for cycling maps of Massachusetts, try Rubel Bike Maps: www.rubel.com. He even has waterproof versions.

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MP (not verified)

"I just received a set of maps from Adventure Cyclling. They are great if you want to follow their prescribed route, but not so great if you have another route in mind and just need to figure out which roads to take. I am riding Boston to NYC this fall and the Adventure Cycling route is 440 miles. I don't have 5+ days to ride 440 miles so I'm going to have to come up with another path.

I recently found www.mapsonus.com. You can make maps choosing ""avoid highways"" and also map many intermediate routes between endpoints. Very slick."

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