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G'day yinz!
Well it has been an interesting year out here at Univ. of Pittsburgh. My combined grad program in Security & Intell/Public Health studies has ended up with 3 B's, 6 A/A-'s, a peer reviewed paper presented at a professional conference and 6 scholarships/fellowships. And the annual Pedal Pittsburgh (akin to the 5 boro ride)last Sunday was a great success.
Next week I'm off to evaluate an AIDS program (fellowship/internship) in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi & Mozambique (Zig & Zag and M & M's) for three months. A couple questions:

A) Has anyone had any experience bicycling (I'm not taking my bike) in any of the aforementioned countries and if so what was it like?
B) If so, what were the good things, bad things and what would have made the experience better? (Aside from the cholera outbreak in Zw where I'm posted and the quarter million land mines left over from the civil war in the 2 provinces of Mz where I'll be working).
C) Any suggestions as to a good source of topo or relief maps who will ship overnight to someplace here in the US?

Any responses will be welcome and appreciated.

Been lurking, reading the message board and miss the club's great rides and comraderie that goes with them. Hope that yawl have a good season on the road.
Ride easy and ride safe.
Bill Strachan
[email protected]

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Bicycling in Africa
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Jenn Thomson (not verified)
Africa- SouthEast

Hi Bill,
I've travelled in Mozambique and Malawi but never by bike. Both countries have a (somewhat dangerous) main route and other than that the roads are mostly dirt.

But there is a big bike race called the Tour d'Afrique that started in 2003 and goes from January to May. And combined with this years' tour they have covered all the countries you're going to. They might might be good people to contact. Here's the website:

Also, there's a bike advocacy group based in Uganda (of German origin) that is working on pan-African biking issues, called the Pan-African Bicyle Conference (PABIC). Their website is

Or, the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP) right here in NYC might know better contacts: The Africa Programs Director is Paul White at (212) 629-8001.

'hope these are helpful!!


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