Congratulations to the A-19 SIG!!

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"Congratulations to all of the A-19 SIG participants who wrapped up an incredible SIG on Saturday! You're totally different riders than those that showed up in March and it was truly a pleasure to ride with you!!

Can't wait to follow your leads this summer...""ALL ON""


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mike (not verified)
thanks to all

Thanks to all the leaders and fellow SIG riders - I had a really great time riding with all of you!

see you on the road!

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sig pics (not verified)
more photos of the best A-19 SIG ever!
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Anthony Donato (not verified)
Congrats & Thanks...

"Congratulations A-19 SIG!

Such a super strong group this year w/ great form.
You are all Officially “A-Riders” at this point and are no longer “siggies”.

Can’t wait to latch on your rear wheels and draft from your amazing paceline skills.

See you folks on the road.

Anthony Donato

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Joe Irizarry (not verified)
Real A Riders

Wow, what a fantastic group. I've never had such an easy SIG season. You guys made it so worry free. Now it's time for you guys to lead me around. Set up some fun rides (did you keep your laminated cue sheets?) and I'll ride and watch how well you lead.

It was tons of fun. See you all at Graduation & at Chelsea Peirs.


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Marci (not verified)
A Big Thank You... each and every one of our amazing leaders who helped me (and all of us) make it through these 11 weeks. I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say that we appreciate all the time you gave to help us learn A-level skills and become (much) better riders than we ever were before.

And to my fellow sigmates -- for all your support & encouragement, for looking out for me the weeks when I was sick, for cheering me on when I'm the last one up the hill -- we made it!

See you on the road...

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Eric Faber (not verified)
Amen to that!

You hung tough and did teriffic!

See you on the hills!


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