Breakneck Ridge

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Looking to go hiking at breakneck ridge this weekend. Have driven there a few times before, but I was wondering if it's possible to take the train to Cold Spring and walk to the trail from there? How far is the walk and are there any other hiking spots in the Hudson Valley that are accessible by train for a day hike? Hope everyone is having a good season on their bikes so far. Thanks, John

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Michael (not verified)
The Train is great

The trail head is about 1 mile from town. There will be other hikers on the train, it's a popular option.

and you can have a few beers before your return as you won't be behind the wheel.

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David Hallerman (not verified)
Special Train Stop

Actually, I believe there's a special MetroNorth train stop right after Cold Spring for the Breakneck Ridge trailhead.

Special, because I think you must notify the conductor.


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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)
Special Train Schedule

There are two trains on Saturdays and Sundays from Grand Central in the morning that stop at Breakneck Ridge; 7:51 AM (arrives at Breakneck at 9:12 AM) and 8:51 AM (arrives at Breakneck ridge at 10:12 AM). There are two trains back in the evening, 4:55 PM (arrives at Grand Central at 6:26 PM) and 6:55 PM (arrives at Grand Central at 8:26 PM). You are probably a 15 or 20 minute walk from Breakneck Ridge to Cold Spring. There's lots of restaurants, delis, and other niceties in Cold Spring. Plus trains that leave for Grand Central every hour of so. It's a pretty spectacular hike to the top of Breakneck Ridge. There's a number of other great hikes in and around Cold Spring as well.
Get a train schedule at Grand Central to confirm.

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