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Rick Braun, Linda Wintner, Eden Weiss, John Kalish, Amy Kirschner, Ellen Jaffe (maybe), Melissa Trescher, and possibly others will be starting from Babylon at approximately 6:30am on Sunday. We plan to do a B17 pace, with a single or double rotating paceline. We would welcome having others join us. (If you can do a
B17 pace, but don't know how to paceline, we can teach you.) If you have any questions, feel free to call or email one of us (Linda Wintner - 212-876-2798; [email protected])(Rick Braun - 212-477-2575;[email protected]). Hope to see you Sunday.

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Simone Pam (not verified)
Montauk ride - 100 miles

What time is the train you are taking from Penn Station?

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Linda Wintner (not verified)
Not taking the train

I will be staying at a motel near Babylon the night before, so I will not be taking the train from Penn Station. But, I think there is a train leaving Penn Station at 5 or 5:10am that arrives in Babylon at 6:20am or so that others will be taking. Please check the LIRR schedule to be sure of the times. Regards,

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Basil (not verified)
From the event web site

"Following is from
I'll very possibly be on the 5.10 AM train mentioned if you'd like to link up for journey out. (I have to see if a friend can transfer her registration to me first).
(917) 325-4194 (cell)
A special note about the 100-mile route. We do NOT provide ANY transportation for bicycles or cyclists to get to the Babylon start location - you must get there on your own. We will provide transportation from Montauk back to Babylon or Manhattan for registered cyclists and their bicycles.
Despite our best efforts, the LIRR will not us grant permission to bring our bikes on their trains. For years many cyclists have taken the early train without a problem but please understand that you are at their mercy. Typically, the 5:10 AM train gets you to Babylon at 6:21 AM, which is plenty of time to get checked-in.

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Basil (not verified)
Another option? - 6.05 AM train from Penn Sta.

6.05 AM train from Penn Sta gets into Babylon at 7.21 AM - just in time to make the recommended 7.30 AM cutoff for 100 mile start.
I may go for this one if anyone wants to join me.
Call before 9.00 PM Sat or after 5.30 AM Sun if you want to check in with me.
917 325 4194 (cell)

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