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"I have been working part time at a Health Club. Seems everyone there thinks I eat alot of what they call ""Junk Food"".

I only eat what my body needs most of the time. I've been know to eat alot of pastrys(that I make fresh) after really hard days. To me that's recovery food not junk food. All the trainers there seem to eat chicken sandwhiches from Wendies. I guess that's what they call healthy food. Funny since I don't eat fast food because I find it unhealthy.

So what really would be considered junk food?"

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JP (not verified)

"Over processed, fatty, fried, refined sugared stuff.

White bread?

French fries?

Fried chicken sandwiches from anywhere?


Twinkies? Candy bars?

Most of us partake of junk food, but should keep it to a minimum.

Fast food generally is bad. Does pizza count as fast junk food? I love Scicilian. French fries and mussels with beer, the Belgian way? (No wonder Eddy Merckx is ballooning). Crème brulle??? Black Forrest cake a la Jan Ullrich?? ;-)

It’s hard to avoid, but be judicious. Look at ketchup’s ingredients. Those Kraft cheese slices – sorry, processed cheese-food product! All those frozen foods with 120% of your MDR of fat (saturated of course) and 2 grams of sodium!! Read the ingredients for diet sodas – they should be in test tubes.

My fav term is ""natural."" Ha! ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS. There are many things ""natural"" that I will not touch, much less eat.

Alcohol?? Empty calories. Keep it reasonable.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"""Montenegrin proverb:"" (apologies to ES and Yepic) anything that does not require an atom smasher to create is ""natural."""

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Q. Etoain Shrdlu (not verified)
"""Montenegrin"" my posterior fundament!"

"You were right to apologize, Isaac. That saying you posted is about as ""Montenegrin"" as George W. Bush's right buttock.

While I'm here: Can anyone e-mail me or post instructions on how to upload photographs to this bulletin board?

I have been having some extraordinary adventures, as I pedal through the deep south on the way to George Bush's ranch. My Colnago was totaled and I am now forced to ride a mountain bike as I continue my journey.

Recently, I had a run-in with the Ku Klux Klan. I know that many of you doubt my existence, and I want to post a picture that some news photographer snapped of the incident, along with a longer narration of what has been happening during my journey.

However, I do not know how to post pictures to this message board. I await how-to instructions. Can somebody teach me (via e-mail or on this board) how to post pictures along with my text?

Contemporary Montenegrin saying: ""Feed a man a fish and you have fed a man a fish. But teach a man to fish and for many years to come you will have an eager market for bait, fishing rods, nylon line, hooks, lures, sinkers, flies, boats, oars, fishing hats, fishing vests and peculiar-looking neckties resembling salmon or pike.""
--Zepisch the fishing tackle store owner

All right, enough folk wisdom. I need some Internet wisdom. How do I post my photographs of my encounter (on a mountain bike) with the Klan here?

Your Pal,

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M-P (not verified)

I call junk food anything that does not provide much nutrients for the number of calories. If it's all sugar, all fat, little vitamins and minerals, it's junk in my book. I don't know what you put in your pastries but if they're full of fruit and you use unsaturated fat (not Crisco/lard/hard margarines), they can be valuable. Of course, it can also be personalized... A couch potato eating pastries every day will gain weight and have problems with cholesterol or plasma glucose levels. A very active person will use the calories efficiently and will not have such bad metabolic consequences. It's all a matter of balance and what else you eat throughout the day!

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

"Some foods are harmless other than providing too many calories for your needs. But some are considered dangerous. Avoid anything that has partially hydrogenated fats/oils. These are known to be dangerous but seem to be in just about everything. Knorr soups, which otherwise are fine, have partially hydrogenated oils. Sad, but true. Eating fast foods might subject you to some things which you would otherwise not eat if you knew the ingredients. As Mel Brooks said, ""Some people do dig their graves with a spoon, but only very poor people."""

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