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I'm trying to find a good 5-9 day bike route starting in New York City for some relatively out of shape college bikers, with access to campsites on the way. Any ideas, or places to look for information? Also are there any good places to rent 4 sets of panniers on short notice? Any help would be appreciated!

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Advice: Don't Camp

My advice is not to camp--instead, plan to stay in hotels. Carrying camping equipment will add a lot of weight and having to camp will add a lot of stress. Especially if your riders are not in shape, let them take it easy at night by staying in a hotel.

You can get free maps of the three New York State bike routes--9, 5, and 17--from New York State. These are truly wonderful maps. I think you can get them by calling 518-457-2100 (Albany).

Good luck!

Chaim Caron, Brandeis, '77

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

If you follow the path of Amtrak's Adirondack (US-9) or Empire (9 to Albany, then 5 westward,) you have the option of a return by train.

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Michael (not verified)
You can get the maps online too
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heath (not verified)
Check this out

I haven't had a chance to check out the site, but has a lot of bicycle routes.

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Carol (not verified)
Lake Champlain

Take Amtrak up to Burlington and circle Lake Champlain. I can send you cue sheets to do it in 6 days (which is a nice easy pace - the first couple of days are in the 35-40 mile range). When I did it, we stayed in B & Bs and motels. I agree with the advice not to camp. E-mail me directly if you want the route.

Another possibility is riding from Manhattan up to Great Barrington, MA and back (return using a different route). I can send you cue sheets for most of that as well. A couple of hilly days, but not bad. I did both these trips with an out-of-shape C-rider and she did fine.

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MP (not verified)

not sure if their maps cover nyc or not (i just ordered some), but they have many resources. good luck.

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viviane tubiana (not verified)
NYC route

I always thought riding out on Long Island to Orient Point and then taking the ferry to Block Island, and then another ferry to CT would be fun, as it's not too hilly and the ocean's never far from sight. And there are train routes along the way to bail out.
Bon Voyage!

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bikesherpa (not verified)
Last of the Mohicans Ride

Another great ride is Manhattan to Burlington, VT via upstate New York. Ride north through the Catskills, Lake George, the Adirondacks and then take the ferry across Lake Champlain to Burlington. Take Amtrak back home.

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