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Any A 19s doing the Montauk 140 out of Manhattan? Looking to join the draft—and pull. Last year’s head wind was brutal.

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Anthony Poole (not verified)

I'm riding Manhatta/Montauk. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up the pace all the way, but am happy to have a go until you drop me. I'd suggest aiming for an A17/18 pace, given the distance, unless we have a tail wind. Possibly a bit slower if it's a headwind. I missed the ride last year, but two years ago, we had a tail wind and it was pretty easy going all the way.

Weather forecasts this far out probably fall into the same category of informative bollocks as astrology, but, at the moment, next Sunday's forecast is for isoloated showers with winds in the northwest at 8mph, which should be partly favourable, but could give us cross winds.

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Greg (not verified)

That’s a 19 to start, and I’m not married to that level. I’m sure I’ll be slowing down as I go along. I figured the bigger the group at the start, the better the overall pace. At least that’s how my past experiences have been. I should also note my potential wimp factor: Raining at 4:30 a.m. and I wouldn’t bet on me making my way to the start line. I can deal with a hit or miss shower or two during the ride (as is forecast right now), but sopping wet before I even get out of Manhattan is not my idea of fun.

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Eva Wirth (not verified)
I will be riding this year

and would be happy to to have some company along the way.

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RonboDDS (not verified)

Eva - Two or three fellow 2004 B-Sig'er are doing the 100 mile from Babylon with me. Aiming for a B17-18. Feel free to join us there if you need company. Cell phone is 646-322-2423.


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