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If it actually raining 8-8:30 it will be cancelled.

If any doubt please check this message (below) for update or call 845-359-6260 anytime.

If the ride is on, it may be shortened and a number of people said they want to return to the city early 4 MD so
we will accomodate them either with bailouts or a general
early conclusion of the ride (I never am against motherhood!)

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Denise (not verified)
Ride on

If the ride is officially cancelled due to possible showers, is there anyone who'd still like to join me? Unless it's really coming down I plan to ride to Piermont. (I don't know the interesting routes well, however.)

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Jay (not verified)
ride cancelled--AOL upped chance of rain to 60%

We'll try this ride again in July twice. Happy Mothers Day!

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Denise (not verified)
Sunday ride

If anyone wants to try to hook up, my cell # is 201-446-0206.

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