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Better not put those long-sleeve jerseys away just yet. With the wind chill, that means booties for me.

Hope we miss the rain.

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John Z (not verified)
Friday 5:30 PM EDT Update

Tomorrow's weather forecast is still not great, but unless it takes a turn for the worse, we are a go. Keep in mind it will be cool, especially once we get into the Slide Mountain Area. Also keep in mind this ride is very long. Its posted at 115 miles +/-, but as the route evolved since the posting was submitted it is actually 128 miles, about 20 miles more than last week's STS ride. However, there are far fewer rolling sections as route is basically either up, down or flat. There is a 100-mile option through Peekamoose. Dress smartly and bring plenty of fluids, gels and power bars. If your tires are treadbare, tonight will be a good time to change them.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Bravo, maestro!

BIG thanks to John Z (with help from Chris Taeger) for orchestrating this beauteous route. The hilly parts were, well, very much so (some 6,800 feet), but the long flat stretches were wonderful. And everything was gorgeous.

It was a bit beyond my ability but I survived. Everyone appreciated the challenge. Our club has many poets of the cue sheet, and John is definitely among their upper ranks.

Peekamoose was as hard as I remembered it from the club trip Oct. 2002. I even stopped at the same place, 3/4 way up, to recover for one minute. Clipping back into the pedals on a grade like that does give one pause. I thought I would fall over backwards.

Accuweather was pretty accurate. The temperature at Grahamsville did indeed drop after 1pm to the chilling low 50s with a 10-mile wind. So the windbreaker, skull cap, full-fingered gloves, and long tights were useful. Had to carry the booties in my pocket, though.

Minnewaska was harder than I ever remembered, but that was after 80 miles and 5,000 feet. Thanks to Hank for the encouragement and pulling me the last 40 miles!

Thanks also to Bill and Brennan for fixing my derrailleur at the start, and to Jeffrey for adjusting my seat. Well, I did check the tires the night before.

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