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I have to return early from the Memorial Day weekend. I plan to get a good ride in the morning and then travel back to the city to arrive late afternoon. If anyone else is either driving or taking the train back i would be enjoy having a travel partner.

Also, can anyone remind me what the closest train station is? There's one about 30 miles from Sheffield, as i recall.


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fred steinberg (not verified)
Sunday return

Wassaic is 25 miles on the Harlem Valley Line (xfr at N. Brewster, now called Southeast) Train every two hours!!
The ride to Poughkeepsie is 56 miles and is a beauty- hourly trains. That’s my recommendation if the weather is good Sunday

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cat (not verified)
more specifically

Thanks, Fred; you are a fountain of information.

Now i know i will need to be on either the 2:33 from Poughkeepsie, or the 2:21 from Wassaic, or in someone's car to get me to NYC by 4:30.

Anyone on the same schedule? Feel free to email me.


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