Train pass

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Is it a good idea to laminate it??

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Carol (not verified)

I recently turned in my old ones (separate MetroNorth & LIRR - that's how old they were) for a new one at no cost. I've been thinking about laminating. Let me know if you do it successfully.

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JP (not verified)

I was just wondering if some conductor who woke up crabby will bounce me and my bike!

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Ori (not verified)

"I laminated mine many months ago and never had a problem with any conductor not accepting it. It was preety worn down already when I laminated it, with fuzzy edges and rounded corners, but still perfectly readable.

I used wide, transparent, adhesive tape, taped both sides and trimmed it with some 1/8"" margin of tape (to keep it from peeling apart)."

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Rubber band and Ziploc bag (snack size)

Keeps it compact. I've had mine going on seven years now.

For other innovative uses of rubber bands, consult the expert, Hank Schiffman. (E.g., tie two or four together with half-knots and you have a bungee cord for train rides. Indispensable.)

I get two daily papers and so am always looking for ways to use all those rubber bands. If anyone needs some, feel free to ask.

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