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Does anyone know of any decent hills to hit in Queens/Long Island?

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JP (not verified)

Check the NYCC ride library for NYC and LI rides and look for north shore rides - Oyster Bay, Syosset, etc. Some decent hills out there!

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ITNOC (not verified)
Some worth mentioning

Here are some hills I believe are worthy of being called hills. Best if you have a street map or Microsoft streets and maps to locate exactly where they are.

Lawrence Hill rd. in Cold Spring Harbor

Snake Hill rd. also in Cold Spring Harbor

Stillwell Ln. in Oyster Bay

Avery Rd. this one is short but very steep in Oyster Bay

Mill Hill rd. in Oyster Bay

Prospect Ave in Seacliff, if you go down to the water, just about any way up is a pretty decent climb in this area.

Beacon Hill is in Port Washington

I believe that you will discover that almost anywhere along Long Island's northshore, if you get to the waters edge, you'll be sure to find a road that is going up as you take a route that takes you away from the shore line.

Good luck on your search for hills

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
More LI hills

"""Does anyone know of any decent hills to hit in Queens/Long Island?""

Add to the list:

- Capitol Heights Rd in Oyster Bay

- East Broadway in Port Jefferson (starting at the ferry terminal)



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