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Perhaps someone can suggest a decent road bike that employs a rear fork which can support a child seat.

Most road bikes' rear fork is too narrow.

my cyclocross works but I ideally wanted to upgrade to a road bike.


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Basil (not verified)
Kettler Flipper Child Seat

"Just another option:
Not a road bike but a seat which attaches to the ""Seat tube"" instead of the ""fork"".
If you Google ""Kettler Flipper Child Seat"" you'll see plenty of pictures of it.

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cyclocroxx (not verified)

thanks for your reply.

is the kettler as safe as the child seats that use the brazen screw holes for support?


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Basil (not verified)

I really couldn't say for sure but I do know the Kettler is advertised to take a load of 50 lbs - higher than most child seats.

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Dave Bauhs (not verified)

If you can afford it consider a trailer too.

Probably alot safer as:

1) kid does not go down if you do
2) kid has 'cage' protection including roll-over
3) kid has 5 point belt
4) kid has screen for protection against sun, bees, etc. and protection from rain.
5) room for all the kid stuff you will have to carry anyway (rasins, diapers, drinks, toys, etc..)

As a by product you get a pretty kick as outdoor stroller too.


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Reyna (not verified)
Recommendation for riding with a child seat

Riding with a child and riding by yourself are totally different experiences. I found it very difficult to ride with a child seat on my road bike. It was an unstable (and scary) ride. But when using a hybrid bike, I found the ride alot more stable and comfortable. Your cyclecross may also be a good option for stability. So I don't recommend buying a road bike based on its ability to support a child seat. The child will outgrow the childseat before you outgrow your bike.

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