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A-19 SIG Saddle River Ride 9 click image.


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LC (not verified)
A-19 Saddle River Ride Photos / Julio A.

Congrats!! to Julio for the hard work and dedication...
Well done... keep going, you're almost there!!!

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Julio (not verified)
A-19 Saddle River Ride

Thank you, LC - I think all of the A19 SIGgies have come a long way, could you imagine any of us taking on this ride back in week one? And I’d like to thank all nine members of our squad this weekend, what a great ride. We were really hammering and working great together like a well tuned machine. We even managed to catch and then pass some of the A-Classic riders (If only for a short while) :-)

See you all next week, and practice climbing those hills…

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Chris B. (not verified)

In all fairness, they had a longer, hillier ride. And of course we had those drugs ... uh, never mind.

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