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I'm sorry to report that the powers that be at Metro North, want us on an even earlier train. Try to get to Grand Central at 7 AM, buy your ticket, breakfast then meet under at the clock at 7:05 AM. We will then board the 7:23 local train (northern most cars) that will get us into White Plains at 8:12. Those of you who want to board at 125th Street it's 7:33. If you miss this train you can try to get on the 7:48; however, there is no guarantee that the conductors will let you & your bike on that train. When we get to White Plains we will make a pit stop & re-group downstairs at street level, hitting the road around 8:30 AM. Sorry but according to our friends at Metro North the early bird gets to cycle........mark

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Carol (not verified)
Split Group

I believe we are splitting the B-SIG between the 7:23 and the 7:48. The B-16s and the Heidi/Carol/Cathy B-17 group will take the earlier train. The rest will take the later train. If you have any questions, call your leader.

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Eva Wirth (not verified)
The later train is at 8am not 7:48am

The B18 groups amd rest of the B17 groups will take the 8am train to White Plains.

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Rick Braun (not verified)

Thank you, Eva! B SIGees please calm down, follow instructions (sorry, if some of you got confused), and I am sure that we will all make our trains and have a great ride.

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