Avon Walking Event in Central Park @ 8:00 AM on Saturday

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  • Avon Walking Event in Central Park @ 8:00 AM on Saturday
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I saw some signs this morning for this event; usually, they are well attended, and they can make it challenging to get in and out of the park to meet for club rides, so plan accordingly...


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Laura Selikson (not verified)
Saturday Revlon walk

It's actually the Revlon walk and run event, which starts in Times Square quite early, with a run starting, I believe at 9 or 9:15 from Times Square, coming into the park on the west side, looping around the top, and ending at the great lawn. SO I think we'd be OK in the park up to 9:15 or so

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David Regen (not verified)

Um, I really saw a sign this morning posted at the gates: Avon Walk, 8:00 AM. When I produced the Avon website a few years ago, I had to pay attention to that stuff (imagine meeting after meeting in White Plains with 40+ people to talk about dozens of promotions, events, legacy systems, etc), so I don't think I'd ever confuse Avon with Revlon.

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