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I'm interested in the Mavic WinTech wireless computer and would like to know if anyone has any feedback they can offer on this product. The wealth of information that comes from the members of this club certainly helps in the decision making process.

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Herb (not verified)

Is that the one where the sensor is in the quick release?
Joe Irizzary, A19 SIG leader is the only one I know that has it.

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Anthony Donato (not verified)
Mavic WinTech

"It's a great computer & it's very accurate.
I got them as a gift from my close friends of the A-19 SIG.

I just had them installed last week on one of my bikes.
Having owned Cateyes, Specialized Pro, Vetta, and Polar computers for many years... the Mavic WinTech is space saving because the display is on the stem (not the handlebar). This is beneficial if your a type of rider who likes riding w/ your hands on the ""tops"". It's nice not to have any clutters around the handlebars especially when your climbing.

Unlike my Polar S720i (where interference is very common), I still had not encountered any interference w/ the WinTech.

It's a great computer and you also have an option to purchase the cadence kit.
Installation is quick & easy too.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

How are you defining accuracy, and how did you determine that?

Not flaming or trying to start an argument, just curious. For example, I have a Ciclosport that I like but discovered that the method it uses to determine average speed is flawed - actual distance divided by elapsed time results in a number quite a bit higher than what the cyclocomputer reports.

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Anthony Donato (not verified)
You might want .....

to try installing another computer/s (together w/ your Ciclosport) to determine the accuracy and the outcome of whether your Ciclosport is imperfect or not. I never owned a HAC4 or any type of Ciclosport computer and I do not know if it will interfere w/ your other computer installed at the same time.

However, I have another bike which is a Trek that has both the Polar S720i and Vetta V100 installed in it. Both these terminals are wireless and do not interfere w/ each other. As a test, I installed my new WinTech wireless terminal on the stem of my Trek. Keep in mind that the Polar S720i was just purchased just this past January (so the batteries are quite new) and I also replaced both the batteries (sensor/terminal) on my Vetta 2 months ago.
Having 3 computers made my handle bar and stem looked like a Sony Play Station set. But to my surprise… there was no interference on these 3 sensors & terminals mounted and installed together.

I regularly ride every Tue. & Thurs. and do hill repeats at River Road.early in the morning (same distance, terrain, and I try to make my speed & cadence consistent) and return via 9W. I found out that the Polar always has an interference from a high electrical source near the police station at Alpine just before the climb. This always happens every time at the same location. The display will read 55mph while I was only doing 14mph on both the Vetta and WinTech.

In terms of accuracy the Vetta & the WinTech are very similar and are very synchronize w/ speed changes. However, in terms w/ distance and average speed, the WinTech always displayed a very consistent and accurate readings for every training ride that I do in terms w/ distance and avg. speed. There seems to be a small variance w/ the distance readings w/ the Vetta V100 even though I ride the same route all the time.

Hope this resolves your curiosity.
I could care less about accuracy at this point w/ all the junk and clutter that I have. As long as your happy w/ your computer you should be fine.

BTW… do you want to buy a Vetta V100 Wireless USPS computer?

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JB (not verified)
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