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An old friend is visting from out of town and I'm trying to lay out a ride of 65(+/-) miles through Harriman/West Point. My current thinking appears below, along with some questions. Any help, comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

So far the route looks like:

Start at Bear Mtn Inn, then 9W to 218 through West Point and up the Storm King Highway. Peel westwards at Cornwall, looping around to take 9W back to 293. Southwest on 293 to 6 west, then transfer to 17 or (via 71) to 19. 19 then returns to 17 shortly before meeting 106. Take 106 to Kanawauke Circle, then Seven Lakes back to start.


1. Can you still enter West Point at the Thayer Gate and exit at the Lee Gate (ie 218)?

2. Any restrictions known to exist on Storm King Highway?

3. What is 17 like between Harriman (the town) and Tuxedo Park? Best avoided? Or is all the traffic on I-87 at that point? This is the road past Arden House -- didn't some of you do it as part of July 4th?

4. Would this ride be easier in the other direction (ie, clockwise)?

5. Any other comments? Suggestions?

Many, many thanks,

Peter Storey

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John Z (not verified)
Do Reverse


I think you have a great idea for a route and per your note it does work better in the reverse direction (with some modifications). The main problem is 9W back to 293 through Storm King. Its somewhat of a difficult climb, with much fast moving traffic. Below is what I would do:

1) Start at Bear Mountain Inn and take Seven Lakes Drive (Perkins Optional) out to 106 at Kanawauke Circle and head west to 17.
2) Take 17 north to Arden Valley Road back to Seven Lakes Drive. Arden Valley Road is arguably the nicest road in Harriman Park, and this part of 17 is not too bad.
3) Take Seven Lakes Drive north to the Route 6 circle, and head south on Route 6 to 293, then take 293 to 218 until it crests at the lookout. We were on 218 Saturday with no problems, and the view is stunning. The double back on 218 to 9W south back to the Bear Mountain Inn.

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fred steinberg (not verified)
Harriman help

1.Based on very recent info, you cannot enter WP Washington gate. The Lee gate is permanently closed. Washington Gate was open to us last year, now open only to military/DOD personnel. The Thayer and Stony Lonesome (9W) gates are open. Need current drivers license.
2.Storm King is open, even if it's closed (by a storm/trees down) you can get around the gates and ride, unless the road's collapsed, like in 1999-2000.
3.Avoid Rt17.
4.Avoid 9W over Storm King.
5.John Z's suggestion is excellent. The Storm King climb is easier from Cornwall, but you must climb up to 9w.
You could continue on (up) for another mile then descend two to Mine Rd for another 5 mile downhill, R at bottom to finish. But if Mine Rd closed you'll haveto backrtack up to Rt9/218 and descend 218(!)into Highland Falls.

I happen to be working on some WP routes right now, so here's counter clockwise alternative:
Bear Mtn to 9w.
Left in F.Montgomery (1st light)
Right up Mine Rd. 5 mile climb up to 293 (first 2 miles are steep). (If closed take 218 into Highland Falls, Mountain to get to 9w/Storm King. Or enter WP Thayer Gate,exit Stoney Lonesome).
Right on 293 to 218 North over Storm King
Left in Cornwall @ Hudson Left onto County 9 Angola Rd which becomes Mineral Springs Rd, then Smith Clove. This is the little travelled north side of Storm King. Stunning views.
Right on Pine Hill, Steep descent to Rt32. Right/Quick Left onto Rt105, follow turns to remain on Rt105, especially the R onto Spring St.
After the Smith Clove Deli, a Left onto Mapes under the Erie RR and thru Monroe.
Cross 17M and onto Rt5.
Left onto W.Moombasa Rd.
When W.Moombasa Rd 'T's either right on Bramertown to the end at Rt17A for the climb into Harriman, L at Kanawauke Cir, Seven Lakes Dr. to finish.
or Left at the 'T', R at Orange Tpk to get to 17 (deli). L for a mile+ to Arden valley Rd, harder climb to Toretti Cir, & Lakes Dr and home.

I have the reverse of the above on a cue sheet right now.

A spectacular ride in either direction.

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Peter Storey (not verified)
WOW . . .

John, Fred,

You guys are just unbelievable!! Many, many thanks for chewing on this for me.



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John Z (not verified)
Fred's Route

Fred has just documented a route I have been wanting to try for a year! I like his better than mine...

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Washington Gate: exit?

I understand that entry at Washington Gate is generally not allowed. How about exiting there; is that any more likely to be allowed?


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