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If any of you have difficulty getting to the Boathouse, we will make a second stop at 72nd & Riverside at 9:45--10. I assume you East Siders can cycle through the transverse roads to CPW & West to Riverside

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John (not verified)
Reconsider another meeting place

Jay, you might want to consider another meeting place for your Sunday ride. May 2 will be the annual 5 Borough Bike Ride with 20,000+ cyclists riding through Central Park. Ride starts at 8:00 am in Battery Park and the head will be in the park by 8:30 and probably last 2 hours for the end of the ride to pass.

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Jay (not verified)
in case of iffy weather Sunday

check this message board or call 845-359-6260 early Sun AM to see if ride is cancelled. It may also go on a shortened route with bail outs in case weather is threatening... also note alternate starting point. Incidentally same leader is planning a similar ride on May 9--

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Jay (not verified)
the May 2 B ride is ON unless it rains in NYC between 8:30-9:30

if threatening we may do a shorter route--note alternate start points above--cal 845-359-6260 anytime if any?'s or doubt

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